Awake Coseller Program

Awake is a market network, and markets need sellers.

Awake’s mission in life is make it simple for anyone to launch a career in media and commerce. In order to advance this goal, today we’re announcing the Awake Coseller Program, powered by Shoptype.

Coseller and Influencer walk into a bar

Awake enables new worlds of possibilities through AI and fintech magic.

Anyone can become a Coseller by signing up at any of our participating market networks. For instance, today you can reach out via Sonakey, one of our early adopters.

Whether you are a new influencer just starting out or an experienced online marketer, whether you are a master content creator or just starting to create digital content, a career in Coselling could be a good one for you.


You could be working from home, you could be a student, you could be a housewife (or a househusband), you may even be retired, or just working part time elsewhere.

A career as a Coseller is flexible and convenient.


Do you like to tell stories? Make art? Digital art?

Maybe you like creating movies or writing reviews or researching topics or creating resources for others. What if while you did just these creative things, you could also get paid like a boss?

What if someone else took care of the headaches of running a business, while you spent pursuing your creative pursuits and hobbies? The Awake Coseller is just that – someone else takes care of the tracking, accounting, and even sales, while you focus on creative expression.


A key part of a successful life is knowing and working with others. Being a Coseller means you get to interact with people from all over the world, across products categories and services, across functions.

Being a Coseller plugs you into the a new network of opportunities, access to capital, and the freedom to create new things with others. And if you rather just be by yourself, do just that. The Coseller opportunity can be as focused or as expansive as you want it to be.


Working on your own time, from your own home, on your own creative passions, the opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world, all the while getting paid for it. Once you recognize that money can be made by just producing high quality output from the comfort of anywhere in the world, your need for a traditional job will vanish.

What will you do with financial freedom? What if your passions could also make money? What would you do then? The Awake Coseller program is an opportunity to find out.


Just so we’re clear.

A Coseller is not a seller, and coselling is not selling.

Being a Coseller means doing the creative bits to make sales happen, minus actually making the sale happen, minus all the boring and tedious parts of running any business.

The Coseller is a new species of the Internet. Not just an influencer, not just a media person, not just a seller or a maker, not just a hustler. But definitely someone who wants to make things happen.

Coselling is a way to get started into the world of online sales and Internet entrepreneurship.

A Coseller is someone who is ready for the next step up.

Reach out today if you want to earn money by becoming an Awake Coseller!

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