How to Discover Amazing Places In Town

We are offline beings. Creatures of comfort, and habit, and desire. Social animals that need connection and other social animals. This is called life, and has never been seen clearer than perhaps now, when things seem uncertain.

Luckily, life has a way of getting on – bigger and brighter than before.

As society deals with the effects of COVID-19, the future of the economy is up in the air. Society is nothing but a civilized exchange of goods and services. A marketplace. If there were no need for certain things, we wouldn’t need to trade. We still like to connect and talk, but things and services – these are the physical things all around us – that are the reason why man lives in towns and cities.

As we start to re-emerge, re-assemble and re-connect, we will need a new way to navigate.

Not just as consumers looking for new social places and new social networks, but also as local businesses looking to recover, looking to engage customers in a fundamentally new world.

Life Essentials

Life is not really that complicated. Everyone has the same basic needs. That is why, as a society, we are able to define “essential services”, at least to a somewhat agreeable degree. In this new world of immediacy, a lot of things that were meant to deliver “later” are automatically questioned.

Are clothes essential? What kinds of clothing? Any particular brands?

Value-first, and value-last

The question of value becomes clear in situations as this, when resources seem scarce, and one must do more with less. In our newly re-acquired freedom, what kinds of things will we value, and will they be different from the ones before 2020?

What happens to local businesses, local places of connection and exchange, now that everyone is using video conferencing software? What is the future of experiential retail? Indeed, what is the future of the experience economy? What is the future of the service economy?


The first thing of course, is safety. As the economy revs back up, the things we used to take for granted are no longer the same. Masks and social-distancing will be the norm for a good while. Businesses that are prominent in their support for dealing with this virus in pro-societal ways will be automatically tagged higher by people, and AI.

Weekday afternoons in Berlin train station in early 2020.


Businesses will need to be innovative and agile in order to make the best of changing times. Nothing is static, we know, but we’re experiencing that change at an incredible pace, and this can be both daunting as well as very lucrative to smart business.

Life will be very good for those that are able to spin on a dime. Businesses that are “traditional” will die out, even controlling for technology, simply because now more than ever, paralysis is death.


Goes without saying that the new world is entirely digital, even though we remain physical. Indeed, the word being used in Asia for these hybrid apps is phygital, and it definitely will be the case that software will eat the world faster and faster.

Businesses, both local and larger ones, that are not savvy with the latest technology clouds, will get left behind. This, of course, represents an ever growing opportunity for the B2B SaaS.


Quality-checked may not cut it any more, people will need more assurance that their products come from clean supply lines, that the employees of the business are clean and safe, and that the environment is left safe as well.

These things are digital information that will need to be updated in real-time, this will become either an enabler of business, or a major disabler for those that don’t move quickly.

A new world order

This is a new beginning in many ways. The old structures were already crumbling, we’ve written about it before on this blog. AI and climate-change are still coming for us, this virus has not delayed anything, it has merely shown the alert a preview of the next few years.

The new world order is less about big brands and conspicuous consumption, and more about awareness and conscious consumption. It is less about capitalism, which is a means to an end, and more about the ends themselves. It is less about companies, and more about the customers. It is less about unnamed shareholders, and more about each individual stakeholder in the community, both local and global.

The New Commerce Landscape

Yelp and Groupon and even DoorDash are the past, as they continue to extract from the underlying ecosystems that they target. These are not enablers, these are extractors.

The only one who cares how big/fat DoorDash gets is DoorDash. This is sad, as a customer, I normally am pro platforms that I use. However, once it became clear that these are not helping anyone but themselves, it is very hard to support them.

The new world will bring about a change in consciousness. And this new shared awareness will drive many business models in the post-COVID world.

Scale through sustainability.

COVID happened because of sheer excess that mankind wrought upon the planet Earth, and well, Nature fixed itself. Things are and could be slow for a while, but nothing about Life itself has changed. Hopefully nothing has changed, except for the lessons one must take from this.

Excess of anything is bad. Extreme capitalism has a very bad impact on the long-term happiness and stability of a society. The post-COVID world will be a more collaborative, more aware world.

The post-COVID bloom, like lotus, rising above the swamp and the fog

Sustainability, conservation, and restoration will increasingly become important to everyone. It is, after all, natural. And instead of one giant rotting structure that is unsustainable and collapses upon itself, the future is a fractal-like world of True Social Commerce, where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Discover Amazing Places In Town

DAPIT is a very simple app – it allows local businesses to create a digital storefront, and sell digital gift cards. Users can also send digital gift cards to their friends and family. And users can redeem them in the app itself, so local businesses do not need any other service.

And the good news? The restaurant pays 9% including payment processing fees. And unlike DoorDash, they get the money instantly, not two weeks later. Can you believe they do that??

This benefits everyone. No wonder numbers are through the roof, with no marketing whatsoever. While DAPIT is officially live only in a single city in the United States, users and businesses have started popping up all over the country. We’re now facilitating conversations with India and UK to launch into those markets.


New apps like DAPIT are changing the landscape when it comes to local business and community engagement. By engaging as a collaborative actor with local entrepreneurs and local organizations, DAPIT is making a name for itself in the new wave of tech platforms that are creating a new, more equitable world for everyone.

Consumers had already begun to move away from “Big Corp” to more natural, more organic, more authentic products and services that reward more than just their investors and shareholders. These new businesses are more self-aware and more conscious of their place within the world, within nature, within society, and within humanity.

The future is bright for humanity, and bright for the future of society, and bright for us as social beings. As the new economy restarts, new platforms that drive direct commerce between various actors, without becoming greedy middlemen, will become the new normal.

Users love DAPIT, with everyone sheltering-in-place and maintaining social distance, the app makes it easy to support your local businesses, and also send your loved ones gift cards from their favorite stores. And businesses love it because it is just so easy to launch their digital storefronts!

And everyone loves the double bottom line.

Check it out for yourself – discover Amazing Places In Town – today!

AwakeVC and DAPIT

Awakened Value Co-creation.

Cesar Torres, the founder/CEO of DAPIT and I met at the beginning of this year, wow seems like a lifetime ago! Those halcyon days of January, they sure seem like from another dream today. And in the last few weeks, while the world was changing, we were designing the roadmap of this much needed platform.

As we make progress over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be releasing our mobile Point-of-Sale system that turns every corner store into a digital enterprise. We’ll also be releasing a new way to drive sales, powered by an integration with Shoptype and the upcoming Awake Me.

DAPIT represents the future of local communities, digital hyperlocal commerce, mobile payments, coupons, deals & gift cards, as well as mobile commerce in general. Join Awake in exploring the future of the new urban economy with Dapit!

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