Veed is Cannabis 2.0

There are plants and then there are plants. The cannabis plant is one such, and before you say it, we’re not late to the party, we were there before it started 😉 Today, we’re announcing one of our newest startups, a new Awake Market Network for the premium cannabis lifestyle.

Welcome to Veed Online.

The cannabis and CBD space are red hot, but we’re not excited just because it’s a great market. We’re excited because the benefits of this ancient plant can now be experienced by everyone!

So what is Veed? Depending on who you are, Veed may be

Knowledge Redefined

Ever felt you were at a nice restuarant with a good wine list, but that was all you could tell? The sad part of today’s cannabis market is that it is very much like the wild west, a lot of terrible folks who’re out to scam everyone, to make a quick buck.

90% of the cannabis products and services out there today, in California for instance, are really awful quality. Given that it is legal here, why is that?

I’ll have what he’s having!

the uninformed

So Veed starts with media and education and news and updates from the world of cannabis that matters to consumers mainly, and also to the professionals in the industry itself.

The content creators are part of the Veed network and can apply to join. The underlying technology makes it possible to track the activity of each contributor and also the effectiveness of the content, deriving payments that are automatically paid out when they influence any sale.

The rules of how this works is openly defined, allowing anyone to connect in order to provide quality information, reviews, and recommendation. When sales happen, everyone involved get paid out instantly. Veed is part of the Awake Media Network.


The cannabis plant is a very social plant, and has been part of group ceremonies for millennia.

Veed is different from other cannabis platforms.

Veed has beginnings in sociology and networks, and is a true social platform for news and infotainment, for expertise and advice, and for the best products and services.

The voice of the boutique grower and the artisan brand is front and center, as is the opportunity for enthusiasts to directly interact with favorite makers. Social discovery and experiential retail is a core part of the Veed network.


Veed represents an invite-only network of brands, retailers and dispensaries, concierge and delivery services, as well as expert budtenders, healers, media organizations, and of course ambassadors and customers!

Everyone is able to contribute to the operations of the market network, such as ambassadors and content creators producing media that educates and influences. When someone buys from the Veed store, depending on how they discovered the products/services in their order, those folks automatically get paid a portion of the retail commissions.

This commerce network makes it possible to anyone anywhere in the world to assist in driving sales to products and services available on the Veed market, and


There is a fundamental truth about existence.

Whatever one may desire in life, whatever may be one’s greatest possessions, when the body falls ill or gets a disease, nothing else matters than to get better, to not die, and to not feel sick.

Mind and body, yin and yang. Man and Nature.

Harmony in mind, harmony in body, harmony in nature.

This is the Law of the Universe.

Veed respects the place of Nature in our Universe.

We are part of nature, what we experience is Nature, and our experience of nature is either full or partial, depending on the quality of the mind. The quality of mind depends on the quality of the body.

One must respect nature, one must respect the body, one must respect oneself.

Veed is the bridge between our human, scientific body-minds, and the distilled essence of nature, plants, soil, sunlight, rain, air.

We bring to you the absolute best cannabis products and services, so that you may become your most well self. Life is for the living, and becoming in tune with yourself is the first step in living fully.


Veed is working with naturalists and holistic healers from around the world to create a canon of practical knowledge for daily life, as well as a network of practitioners who can help guide the thereupatic uses of these plants.

These healers will be available for in-person or virtual consultation. Veed Healers nicely complement our more recreational use of plants, allowing nature to help us stay in tune with nature.

Cannabis for Good

Once you experience the expansive properties of this plant, you will be a convert.

Veed is not a single brand or product, but a global community of like-minded individuals and organizations that together create a fabric, an organic network of reliable and practical information, convenient access to the best products and services, anywhere in the world where these folks can legally participate.

By the Numbers

Underneath, Veed is a AI-powered fintech platform that connects buyers, sellers, brands, ambassadors, retailers, delivery services, media companies, and of course, enthusiasts, wellness practitioners, and customers from all over the world.

The Veed platform takes care of connecting all the dots, and enables this global market to operate in an hyperlocal and highly efficient manner.

Our goal is to drive $1B of GMV across the United States in the first 24 months of operations, and $10B globally over the first five. Cannabis is likely to approach $1T in market size, including experiences and services, over the span of this decade.

If you’re a premium brand or service or retailer, and want to be featured on Veed, get in touch via Onboarding.

We’re excited about the future of this industry, the ramifications for our health and wellness, and also for recreation and meeting like-minded people from all over.

Join Veed, and get involved. Tell us what you’d like from the most classy and tasteful cannabis network on the planet. 🧘🏽‍♂️ 🧘🏻‍♀️

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