Sonakey Shop and Offline 2.0

What is the future of the real-estate market?

Where are we going to be living, working, and playing?

Who will coordinate between events and needs, products and services, vendors and retailers?

When everything in the world is fluid, what we need in the moment is all that is important. When things like COVID turn our lives upside down, it sometimes is a refreshing reminder to recollect the truly important things in life.

And also to let go of the unimportant things.

Real-Estate as a Service

There is a lot of things that happen behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operations of any large real-estate operation – residential, commercial, or corporate. Modern life has no time to deal with common problems, we are all running around making things happen, living life to the fullest.

In the day of Uber and Oyo and AirBnb and DoorDash and WeWork – who has the time to manage things that should already just work?

Sonakey was founded with a single purpose: to bring the physical space into the new world of real-time digital media and commerce. No matter what the need – from the actual buildings and physical spaces themselves, to everything that was needed to maintain and manage them, to the products and services needed while the spaces was in use – deliverd via a single digital experience.

Property Management 2.0

A lot of builders in countries like India are legally mandated to run their properties themselves for a period of two years. Most builders outsource this function to third parties such as JLL, CBRE, Knight Frank, Colliers, and others. This solution is expensive and monolithic.

Many modern builders, on the other hand, have realized the importance of customer service and customer relationship management. For them, Sonakey is the modern alternative to the bloated and hopelessly outdated dinosaurs we just mentioned.

Powering Smart Spaces

We launched the Sonakey service in 2019, in only one location in India, the former capital of Gujarat and the largest in that state, the beautiful city of Ahmedabad. With over 7 million feet under management, Sonakey has become a favorite among the top builders in the city.

We tested an integrated marketplace model for products and services all of last year, and the past few weeks have shown how lucky we are to be in the place we are. Sonakey has been supplying essentials to all thousands of resident families across our spaces.

And with excitement for the future, we are announcing the launch of Sonakey Shop.

Sonakey Shops & Services

We’re officially launching Sonakey Shop, offering products and services on a purpose-built marketplace to Sonakey residents. This is an exclusive feature avaialble only to properties managed by Sonakey.

Our merchandise teams are procuring excellent pricing and a great selection of not just the best products, but also all the essential services needed when you are in your home or office.

Now most of the commonly needed items can be on automatic subscription where they will get delivered to your liking. Sonakey support staff is always available to assist our residents and corporate clients.

Sonakey Network

The Sonakey market network is a special place. Not only does it make life convenient for all parties involved, whether residents, or service providers, but now Sonakey also offers profit sharing.

Ambassadors and Influencers

Anyone can become a Sonakey Ambassadar, and earn money selling products and services from the Sonakey Shop. While physical deliveries are restricted to within Sonakey managed locations, the news and entertainment content is open to anyone.

If any resident is also popular on social media and has a bunch of followers on any of the popular platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, they can easily share the earn a commission by promoting with their audience. Of course, even email and WhatsApp work just fine!

Reach out today to sign up to earn money selling all manner of products and services across Sonakey communties – residential, commercial, and corporate.

Vendors and Sellers

If you are a vendor or a seller, and want to access Sonakey shoppers, please contact:

Brands and Media

Sonakey Shop is launching today, and over the next few days, we will launch Sonakey Media, our digital publishing arm. Residents and service providers alike will be able to access a news feed powered by a community of content creators and curators.

If you’re a brand or an agency and want to reach the Sonakey audience, please contact:

Sonakey Services

The Sonakey team is working to onboard new services and experiences. Expect to hear about real-estate and financing related services in the near future.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the Sonakey Commerce team, please do get in touch at We look forward to hosting you at a Sonakey space!

Offline 2.0

The vision of Sonakey is to create a world where physical spaces are comfortable, safe, efficient, and helpful. As our lives become faster than ever, and now more digital and connected, the nature of essential services are changing.

We are always offline, as physical human beings, and always connected, as netizens.

Sonakey is the bridge that connects both sides – and indeed is not just a phygital platform, but represents the future of what we call Offline 2.0.

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