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In these times of sudden change and uncertainty, the mind can play havoc with one’s level of anxiety and fear. As I’ve written before, I know a few things when it comes to mind, meditation, and flow states. Human beings are unusual creatures, in that they have not only cognition, but meta-cognition.

It is not just that I know, it is that I also know that I know. And this self-reinforcing loop can cause a great deal of problems with the normal functioning of day to day life. For instance, worry is a symptom of this problem – of knowing something – otherwise there wouldn’t be any worry.

However, having recognized the problem worth worrying about, why does the mind worry?

“What will happen to me?”

anxious minds

Our human minds have evolved from prehistoric times to deal with environmental hazards and the like. This is normal, as back in those days these often meant physical harm and even painful death. It made sense for a shoot-first, ask-questions-later approach to life.

Modern human society, however, has much less of this to deal with. Yet, our mental wellness is incredibly poor. As a people, we are more stressed, anxious, and depressed than ever before. This was already happening before coronavirus, the question is even more pressing now: when we have more safety as a general human race, why are our minds such more more worse off?


COVID-19 has done many things to our lives, chief among them is that it has turned social creatures into homebound ones. The world has never had to turn towards digital means of communication so quickly, so thoroughly, all across the planet.

And with this digital-first and digital-more world comes even more isolation, and with more isolation, the chatter of the mind often becomes unbearable. Who has not wanted distractions and friends and outings to just think about something else, anything else?


Everyone is meditating these days, even though most do not know what it really is.

Without understanding mind, how to understand no mind?


Meditation is not just for the yogi, but without working with the mind, there can be no progress.

Nomorrow is an app, an approach, and a way of life.

Nomorrow combines journaling, categorizing, reflecting, and recognizing.

Nomorrow is an instrument of seeing – first it helps capture, then it helps examine.

And Nomorrow is a network, where you can work in privacy of your own mind, at any time of day. Or you can connect with others on the journey from around the world, as well as with certified Agents of Nomorrow who conduct guided sessions to help you process the contents of your mind.

Early Access

We’re opening up our early access program to 100 users who want to try Nomorrow. If you’re one of the first few folks, the core Nomorrow team and participating Zen Masters will work with you directly.

This is a great opportunity if you wanted to learn meditation, but found the existing methods too mystical or impractical. You’ll also have input into the direction of the platform as we’re just getting started. Apply now.

We’re excited for you! Nomorrow is unlike anything you have tried before, so open your minds, and step into You.

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