Awake, what’s in it for me?

Awake Market Networks are new. Many are launching around the world. They’re all in silent build mode, and should start popping up everywhere in a few weeks. Why? And how can you benefit from an Awake Market Network?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C Clarke

Internet Marketing 101

Traditional e-commerce conversion rates are usually 2% to 3%. This means 98% of whatever a business spends driving online sales is essentially wasted.

The reason this state of affairs exist today, and has not changed for over 30 years, is that the Internet is missing an attribution layer, as well as a settlement fabric.

Awake Market Networks are a new type of network marketing, one that avoids all the downsides of MLMs, and actually pays out members who do the work to make sales happen (not just invite others and reap rewards).

Network Marketing 2.0

Awake Market Networks increase revenue for any participating business that offers a competitive Network Commission to members of the network. These commissions are often no more than what businesses already offer other distribution channels – for instance if you’re selling through Costco, or Sephora, or online aggregators.

For instance, our market networks in wine & spirits offer 30% on average to anyone online that can drive a sale. On a $50 bottle of whiskey, that’s $15! On financial services, this could be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Awake Market Networks automatically track Influence Attribution and Sale Attribution in real time. The appropriate share of the network commission, as applicable in individual transactions, is automatically credited into the wallet of the appropriate members.

Instead of spending ineffectively like what most online businesses must today, what if one could find out in advance which 2% influencers they should pay? This is what Awake protocols are designed to do – they push value creation and attribution to the edge of the network. This changes everything.

Businesses now no longer have to pay Facebook/Google for DTC or B2C sales, instead they can adopt a much smarter model where everyone in these organic Awake Market Networks makes revenues and profits together – that is – through True Social Commerce.

Anyone anywhere in the world can join an Awake Market Network, and get paid by any other business anywhere else in the world, by influencing and helping sell their products and services. The technology does all the magic.

Brands, Sellers, Retailers

Any business that is in search of more sales and revenue can apply. Join a market network to sell your products and services, reach out and we can connect you to many.

If you know a brand, or a seller/retailer that could use lots more sales, please make an intro. We’ve set up an amazing profit sharing plan that turns everyone into a promoter. Reach out at


Media companies have been decimated these past few years, thanks to all advertising having shifted to Facebook/Google. And COVID19 has made it much worse, if that was even possible.

If you’re a media company, then Awake can help plug you into a commerce revenue stream that can increase your profits by 10X to 100X, and revenue by 3X to 10X. Reach out and find out how, or perhaps if you know a media company that can use this new lease of life, make an introduction.

We’ve set up an Awake Network for anyone that helps grow these market networks, and you’ll make a portion of sales driven by media companies you introduce.

It’s a multi-sided win. 🚀


Are you an influencer, or do you know influencers?

Perhaps you know an influencer marketing agency, or a more traditional agency, and want to help them increase their revenues by an order of magnitude or two.

Make an intro, you will receive a portion of all their commissions as they earn them, in real-time.


Are you a finance professional, or a financial institution?

Want to invest in highly liquid, high growth cash flow businesses? Connect with Awake to access real-time receivables and other financial data, and make real-time investment decisions. Access revenue-based investment opportunities from across our market networks, across verticals, and across the world.

Or perhaps you know a financial institution that might benefit from this opportunity. Make an intro, you will receive a portion of the profits that you bring in, as they are earned, in real-time.

Network Operators

Know someone entrepreneurial that would benefit from launching an Awake Market Network? Make an introduction, we’re setting up profit sharing arrangements with folks that help launch new market networks around the world. Again, you will be paid your portion of Network Commissions in your Awake Cash wallet, in real-time.

Launch an Awake Market Network today, it is easy with Shoptype.

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