Awake Me, You, and Us

As I look around me today, on the eve of the launch, I know I will not remember any of it.

As much as I will tell the team to breath, to take it in now, they are all much too excited in the moment of it all. Such is the force of Reality – remembrance is a luxury often not affordable to most.

But that is what I fight for. What I live for, what I speak for, how I live my days on this planet.

The right to remember.

The right to recall what we are.

To remember what we are not.

To stop.

To breathe.

To be reality in action, in the fullness of it, in the unfolding of it through me, through you, and through us all.

Awake is not a company.

Awake is being.

Awake is not an achievement – it is the abandoning all ideas of achievement.

To be Awake is to be free of all labels, I am nothing, I am entirely free of needing to call myself anything. I am all. I welcome you to your own limitless realm of the Real, into the realm of True Freedom, into a realm that is You.

Awake is that state of freedom – where the very idea of freedom need not apply.

As I write this, getting ready to dial into a conference call with my team, I want them to know how incredibly proud I am of them today, for having come here with me, for letting me be our Copilot.

And on that note, I want to tip my hat to my Copilot – Mike McEvoy, the Intrepid flyer into the Unknown. And trust me, I’m going to be writing about you all, Naveen, Ankur, Kuruvilla, no one escapes the Awakening. ☀️

To be continued, after the call. Onward!

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