Founders Wanted

This post is about AwakeVC. Awakened Value Co-creation.

Technology Enabled Disruption, and Creation.

And of course, the core of what we do: Company Building as a Service.

Scientific description: Conscious Private Equity.

Awake and Shoptype

The Network is the Market. With this recognition, we created the Awake Market Protocol, as well as a reference implementation, which is now available for early access: Shoptype. Launching an Awake Market Network is now easy and affordable.

Indeed, Awake Market Networks can be launched by anyone. These market networks tend to disrupt existing business models and existing players. This further implies that these organizations tend to go cash flow positive very quickly, because they ride on top of existing markets. This makes it easy to onboard partners and investors, to share and expand the business.

The Awake technology cloud provides the underlying Infrastructure and the Artificial Intelligence needed to operate these global but hyperlocal market networks.

All members of Awake Market Networks benefit as the commerce of the network is automatically shared in real-time based on attribution rules set up by the network operator. The market network operators accrue a fair share of all transactions, and each node accrues a fair share of their contribution. Awake Market Networks are multi-currency, and work with all fiat currencies around the world.

AwakeVC and AwakeBiz

Anyone who is even slightly entrepreneurial can launch an Awake business.

We’re planning a series of online workshops over at Awake.Biz, register today to get notified! These digital conversations will feature top Internet business owners from around the world who launched Awake Market Networks that turned them into successful cash generating engines.

Awake is incubating a number of these internally, and we expect to launch dozens of new market networks in 2020 alone. We’re looking for entrepreneurs and executives to co-create these with us. Reach out today if you would like to launch an Awake Biz!

AwakeVC and AwakeDisrupt

AwakeDisrupt is literally a Disruption-as-a-Service model to launching new market networks in existing markets. It is a structured process that goes from Discovery to launching an Awake Market Network over a few weeks.

Here’s an example: Kurlon is a famous brand of mattresses in India, with an estimated annual sales of close to $200M in 2019. They have hundreds of dealers across the country.

We pose the question: What happens when fixed costs meet purely variable costs, with perfect multi-stage attribution that scales across the modern Internet?

Awake Market Networks can be created for any industry in the world, by anyone in the world. Kurlon is not on the Awake cloud today, but a new digital market network for all things sleep is coming soon, via AwakeDisrupt. The sleep industry is expected to near $100B by 2025.

Which sleep-related brands and retailers will be the first few participating members? And which ones will be late to the party, and thus get disrupted? Sleepy times ahead!

AwakeDisrupt is a customizable program that takes corporates or entrepreneurs from Zero to One. Awake co-creates joint ventures, partnerships, and new tech startups, with Awake participating in these companies as a catalyst, with the role of “Copilot to the CEO”, responsible for sales and marketing, but also focused on strategic partnerships and fundraising. Very simply put, Awake focuses on generating profitable revenue from day one, while handling the technology via the cloud.

AwakeDisrupt is a great way to get not just tech Infrastructure and the Artificial Intelligence services for your business, but to also get Awake Fellows to engage on company strategy, financing, and operations. AwakeVC is Awakened Value Co-Creation.

AwakeDisrupt is priced for anyone to launch a market network in any vertical, and starts from a very small budget of zero. Most implementations take from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the initial scope of the launch. For larger scale, Awake works with Authorized Value Added Resellers around the world.

AwakeVC and You

You Are The Network. With this recognition, we ask: Are you a founder? An exec? A venture development veteran? Angel investor? If you’re looking for a way to magnify your effectiveness and impact, the Awake Fellowship may be a good home.

Co-create new universes with Awake.

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