Employment 2.0

What if we were able to transcend our human bodies? Wouldn’t we be better off, not having to worry about things like coronavirus, or hunger, or oft-debilitating emotions such as anger, jealousy, and greed and fear?

As a new reality sets in, human beings are reevaluating many long standing beliefs of what is permanent and what can change at any time. In these truly uncertain times, what can society rally around, what is it that can be a strong foundation upon which to rebuild our lives?

It is beyond obvious now that technology and digital are going to accelerate like never before.

Real-time networks and communities are going to become increasingly the way we stay in touch – directly, and with trusted intermediaries and curators of what counts as news and the new. Artificial Intelligence and robots will also accelerate across life, work, and play.

Governments and very soon, the private sector will be deeply engaged in creating a new inclusive society that works for all. It has already started with emergecy universal basic assistance in almost every country. This is not a new idea, as most countries have some form of social welfare.

So the future is going to be better than now, and certainly better than what it was in the past.

Society 2.0

The truth has always been “everyone is equal”, just as it has been true that this equality was unequally distributed. Among the most egregious form of this inequality is the extreme wealth gaps in recent times, and history is witness to this type of thing being a sure recipe for revolution. Perhaps these tumultuous times are better than WWIII, certainly there are worse ways to learn the lessons we are learning now.

So what does happen to “work”? What happens to capitalism when everyone has basic healthcare (to counter pandemics and such) and enough to satisfy other basic needs (to also counter pandemics among other things)? And certainly at the moment, while it seems like much of society is very far from having anywhere near enough, the future of society powered by basic income and other programs is inevitable.

And in such a shift, what does society look like when no one has to work?

Or perhaps in a time of crisis, what happens when traditional jobs dry up?

Unleashing the Virus

What happens when enough is experienced by enough? It is likely similar when intense necessity gives birth to invention. In the case of our current times, they speak for themselves. With the sudden change in economics, the majority of society is having to do with a lot less.

From necessity, they are rapidly discovering what essentials are, and indeed what is not essential. And they will continue to discover this for a long time even after the passing of Covid-19. And even though this sudden correction will be extremely painful for many, large populations around the world will discover what it means to have enough.

What is enough?

Isn’t the idea of enough a quaint one? Corporations don’t have the notion of enough, indeed capitalism itself does not. The question of enough then, depends on the context, and the one being asked. In other words, enough depends on the need.

Here’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

What does one need, really?

Right now, a very large number of people are experiencing a disruption in their basic Physiological needs, and still more are experiencing an intense loss of Safety. A lot of people often live their lives lost in searching for “Esteem”, having taken the others below somewhat granted. And suddenly, if perhaps temporarily, many people are again recognizing their far more basic need for Love/Belonging.

This Great Pandemic of 2020 will likely affect economies more than the sheer numbers of the dead. And before everyone goes up in arms about this, remember a) Awake was founded to create 100M jobs, so we’re pro-people, and b) over 60M people died in 2019.

And in the moments of less fear and panic, it will become increasingly clear to people that what they have not lost is in fact the important things, and these important things are the ones we call enough. This includes family and friends, community and towns, dignity, humanity, and camaraderie. And through this lens of enough, one can begin to pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild the economy.

The Virus of Enough

So with this enough, we get going. And as it turns out, bringing enough to people is not hard, they really are looking for a lot less than what one imagines they need.

Many argue that enough is contextual, and it all depends on the situation. Therefore, perhaps it is appropriate to divine what enough is, by considering the opposite of enough. As much as I’ve railed against Facebook and Amazon before, it is Door Dash that takes the cake. One can say it is “capitalism”, but I think there is something to say about mere “legally correct, but also plain gluttonous and greedy and more than a bit of a bully”. So I classify these types of businesses as opposite of enough.

So Awake is engineering a new virus.

The Virus of Enough.

It is quite a simple idea. Everyone is similar, and everyone has the same basic needs in life. Awake focuses on a very basic need: jobs.

Everyone needs jobs, and what if there was a virus that spreads jobs?

Awake Market Networks make it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to create value for anyone else in the world. Value defined as – a human being involved in a process that has a transaction built into it – and so can be measured, and reasoned about – as well as compensated based on its own value. Awake calls this Independent Value.

So Awake makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to create Independent Value.

For instance, with Shoptype, anyone can become a Direct Reseller – and an affiliate or influencer or retailer or storefront – for any product or service sold anywhere in the world.

Inverting the Pyramid

What if we are looking at the world inside-out or upside-down?

What if we were to invert the pyramid?

What if we made it highly profitable to offer jobs to everyone in the world?

What if jobs were made self-serve and single-click?

What if the network protocol was smart enough to know who did what, and make real-time payments to all contributing parties?

What if the network was Awake?

Awake Market Networks

Brands and retailers launch or join Awake Market Networks to turn on this 1-click jobs-as-a-service cloud. Brands and businesses of all kinds can make use of this new technology and approach.

Remote workers in the mid-west now drive sales for a two-day wellness retreat in Big Sur, CA. Content creators in Thailand drive sales for a new AR/VR device from Japan. Media agencies and media publishers can now participate organically in all the commerce they help drive.

Anyone with an entrepreneurial mind-set can launch a market network using the Shoptype SaaS, and anyone anywhere in the world can join these to help co-create value.

Social networks like Facebook are not very social, not in the way they operate their business, and their place in the echelons of the Trillion Dollar Club depends on this extractive approach. On the other hand, market networks are the new social commerce networks that recognize it takes a village to raise a child, and indeed, the world is a single connected network market.

From Work to Flow

This is the promise of Awake.

That a job should be a flow state – an expression of personal talent and passion.

In such creation, the dissolution of the mind creates value all day long, and leaves one fresh and full of vitality, and the flow state is not something one aspires to in all the places outside work, but life itself becomes a continuous state of flow, as the network operates as a whole, allowing each individual node to fully actualize their potentialities.

In this state of creative freedom and manifestation, one discovers the meaning of enough. And one can then create for everyone.

This is the promise of Awake – to invert the pyramid.

To point the way to a new world of enough.

Where anyone can create value by logging in, and connecting to all the market networks that define their identity, being themselves in their fullest capacity, and getting paid in real-time for all commercial activity that they enable directly or indirectly.

And the market network operators?

The best ones will have the largest memberships in the world. There are companies today, such as Walmart, that call their 1M or whatever number of employees things like “members” or “associates”, but well, seems kind of unequal membership.

So the new networks will be the ones that are more fair.

How fair is fair?

The answer to what is a fair share of revenue is the same question as: what is the fair price for a product or service?

Value is in the eye of the beholder, people say.

Awake says something different: value is when a human being is involved in the process.

Everything else is commodity: which AI designs better looking shoes? Which driverless car should I choose? It will all become about the service, it already is, people just forget.

So the answer to what is fair is simple – whatever the market network bears. And if the market determines that this network is too extractive, well then the cash flows simply move to other networks, and life goes on its merry way – creation and destruction – all the time, globally, in real-time.

How much does an Awake Market Network cost? The answer is zero. Contact Shoptype to find out more.

So, what is work?

In this new world of enough, what will work look like? When most people can just be themselves and make enough, who does the work of work?

Who does the meta work of making work easy for everyone? Who does the work to make the work of each market not feel like work?

With Awake, the work of work is also art. The cost to launch a market network is zero, it is the value proposition and the opportunity for collective and Independent Value Co-creation that makes the market function.

Where does capital come to launch one of these market networks?

In the new Awake world, the initial liquidity can come from traditional sources such as banks and investors, but also from customers and fans around the world, as liquidity providers in any market network.

The future of networks and markets is digital and Awake.

And now, a definition of work, or what it should be, that we can all agree with.

Work can thus be defined as the capacity to activate and manage productive cooperation. In this phase, workers are expected to become “active subjects” in the coordination of the various functions of production, instead of being subjected to it as simple command. We arrive at a point where a collective learning process becomes the heart of productivity, because it is no longer a matter of finding different ways of composing or organizing already existing job functions, but of looking for new ones.

Maurizio Lazzarato

It is this creative process that is true freedom, and it is unleashed by the virus of enough.

Launch your own market network today with Shoptype.

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