Life in Nomorrow

I have been a student of the mind for as long as I can remember. And over the course of this life, over the past nearly four decades, I’ve learnt many things. At one point I declared that learning to learn was the most important learning, and always found myself drawn to knowledge of knowledge itself. An early blog was called epistemologic. Geeky, I know.

So I had always valued intelligence, and hence I ought to be forgiven for mistaking the mind for something valuable. As it turned out, the most important learning of all was that one can not trust one’s own mind.

In the mean time, life moved on, and I found myself in Silicon Valley. To me it represented meritocracy and innovation and wealth creation. It felt magical at first. Over the years I discovered that most of it is the same as every other place, because in the end, it all boils down to human nature. And human nature, as it turns out, is one big mistaking the unreal for the real.

Starting with Mind.

I grew up with a lot of complexes.

No one really told me that I had them. No one told me how to navigate them. I had to deal with these issues on my own, using my mind as though it it were real. In fact, during those days, I used to feel compelled to do all the bidding of my mind, as though I were being commanded by some unseen force. I had always wished for a bolder mind, this one had seemed to always be insecure and ready to fly off to perceived safety at a moment’s notice.

Eventually I discovered that mind was a disease, and that everyone was afflicted with it, and that there indeed was a cure.

Minds Anonymous

The first step was to admit that there was a problem.

The source of problem was all my problems!

Luckily, I was also a GTD fan, and knew the efficacy of lists. If I put it down into a system, I had power over it. I was also a mind-map fan, so I could see the logic in structuring my thoughts and ideas. And phobias and blocks.

It was a long and arduous process – and over time met other folks on the same journey. Many found help through therapy, where the focus was the mind, and where Consciousness was used as a model to illumine the “problems”. Most other therapists failed to help because they didn’t know the substrate they were working with.

As it turned out, most western theories of mind do not work well in practice, for they are incomplete. And without Total Understanding of what is called mind, there is no way to transcend it. I had to deal with mind the old-fashioned way, but today, I’m excited to announce that I’m helping build Nomorrow!

No tomorrow, only the Now

The truth is that the future does not exist, and the past is, well… gone. What exists then is what is neither the past, nor the future. Yet we live mostly in the past, or an imagined future, reliving past injuries or glories, imagining pleasurable futures. And when we realize things are not going as we hope, we panic, and blame everything.

Mind keeps us occupied, first with this, then with that.

The trick is to see what is going on. Inside.

Claudiu (of FutureSoup fame) and I connected on the Great Internet, and instantly hit it off. He’s quite the Zen practitioner himself, and we decided to dive into this new app. We present to you: Nomorrow.

Naming is Freedom

Knowing someone’s name gives one power over them. This is because knowing is all there is.

The mind is the dominion of knowing. What you know, is what you call your mind.

To find out what your mind contains, you must observe the contents.

Thoughts are the contents of mind.

Nomorrow is many places and things. It is a new way of thinking. It is a new dimension within.

A user’s journey begins with a Mind Manager.

As troublesome thoughts arise, one is able to capture their essence and structure. Quickly and easily.

And as Nomorrow begins to see what you see, it shows you what you need to see.

See patterns, see unreasonable connections, see paranoia and illogical biases.

See your own conditioning.

And become free.

Liberation and Beyond

When the mind is not in control, the real You has a chance to express itself.

When the mind is not hiding the joy of freedom, you are free to express your most powerful self.

Nomorrow shows you that there is no one in your way, not even yourself.

All you need is a real need to become free of suffering and limitation.

The Network of Nomorrow

Open your mind to meet others inside Nomorrow. Help each other grow and thrive.

And if you need extra help, engage an Agent of Nomorrow! They’re global, and they’re available around the clock. They are expert mind managers, and can help guide you find a way out of the darkness.

A guided session costs $39 each, drops to $29 a session with various memberships. 91% of the proceeds go to straight to Agents, and 9% is retained to pay for the platform and so on.

Note that these are not only licensed therapists, but again, true healers are knowers. Nomorrow supports credentials and badges, so licensed individuals will be able to gain clients, as well as anyone who can help others, and has the ratings to show for it.


And we’re in pre-alpha, pre-everything. Please reach out to make suggestions, or to get involved!

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