Organizing the Internet

The concepts we use in our thinking determine our world view. For instance, we already said that the network is the market. How did we get there, though? Here’s a history of the Internet then, and in a way, how Shoptype came to be.


First there was the Oracle. I mean, Oracle.

They gave us the Database. I mean, there were things called databases before that, but for the most part no one really knew about them. And Oracle created the global market for databases.

Oracle then gave us a way to organize the world’s data. After all, without a way to structure data, it is rather difficult to make sense of it. Naming is the most important thing in the world, and Oracle gave us a way to name our data.


What to say about Google? The Don’t Be Evil guys. What happened to them?

Nonetheless, Google gave us something quite significant – the search Index. And because they went beyond data by organizing it in a way that held relevance to user, they created Information.

They Organized the World’s Information. In fact, they used that tagline for a while. And while they have among the smartest folks engineers working for them, they are yet to produce a particularly ground-breaking innovation since map/reduce at scale, something that did in fact create a powerful abstraction for applied computation.


Ah Amazon! The Great Disruptor. Jeff Bezos was a quant at DE Shaw – and he realized that the whole world is a commodities exchange. And Amazon built out the world’s largest real world exchange for priced items.

Across marketplaces, logistics, and compute services – Amazon is the only company that also has a culture of “everyday low prices” (like Walmart, where they got it from), and this makes them a deadly competitor, who leaves no margin for anyone.

This has been a real fun one to chase, and will be the most fun to disaggregate over this decade. But Amazon has no doubt sealed their place in history as the one that started it all. Amazon was the first to organize sellers into a grand marketplace.

And Amazon will also be the one to compete with, for Jeff has always known one thing: capital will burn margins to zero, no one gets this as deeply as Amazon.


WordPress – the old curmudgeon!

WordPress – the One that Everyone Hates to Love!

Everyone likes WordPress, what’s not to like? Heck, this very blog is powered by WordPress.

WordPress is synonymous with bloggers and publishers and content and media and news and democracy and the Internet.

What does the roadmap for WordPress look like? What is next for this staid pillar of the Internet, firmly from the past but carrying on as the stalwart warrior it is?



We are going to look back 100 years from now, and really ask ourselves: what. the. fuck.

From friends to frenemies to outright enemy of the people and the state.

Greatest proof of the network effect the world has ever needed.

And what has the world achieved with it? Hopefully, we are not done yet.

As it stands, Facebook is directly or indirectly responsible for major dents in society and economy across all countries of planet Earth.

Are they wielding their power for good? Leave your comments below, I’d love to see what our peer group thinks. And of course, Facebook is the abstraction for the social network, the group, the community. It kind of broadly covers “social media” across Twitter, Snap, and others. Even Reddit.


This is one heck of a success story! There is no doubt about the glory and reach, but honestly, why is the product so shitty? Is there *anyone* who likes Salesforce?

And a key question to any and all Salesforce competitors: shouldn’t a “salesforce” deliver actual sales? If your salesforce only took in $ without actually producing any sales, that’d be a pretty terrible salesforce…


IMHO, Shopify is also a one to watch. Shopify changed the game for small business in a way no one quite has, and they’re just getting started. Over the past few years, if you were a small business that wanted to get online, a Shopify store was a great way to get started, and it still is.

Shopify has a clear shot towards becoming a true Amazon competitor, as long as they keep their main constituents happy. They must stay away from the temptation of becoming yet another aggregation platform that extracts value from the ecosystem: what actually will happen, remains to be seen.


Shoptype organizes the world’s commerce by taking an entirely new approach to enabling markets.

Shoptype returns the Internet to the Universal Basic Market by liberating products and services from the various platforms on which they are offered, and also liberates the salespeople from their platforms.

Shoptype then coordinates between independent agents, allowing brands to work directly with direct resellers, affiliates, and influencers alike, sharing exact bits of retail commissions with whoever contributed to the sale with precise attribution.

Shoptype enables true social commerce by creating people-powered market networks that work on top of the existing platforms.

Shoptype is the Operating System for true Peer-to-Peer Commerce, enabling a new paradigm of value creation, recognition, and distribution, where everyone works together.

Shoptype enables a world where the platforms are not in the way, and anyone can launch a market network.

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