Why Shoptype

Shoptype was born from indignation. It has other DNA, but Indignation is a big part of it. This is Part I of the Why Shoptype conversation.

I am an engineer, and the notion of balance to me, is one of basic stability. An unstable system is not particularly useful, in fact, an unstable system tends towards breakdown and chaos, a stable system towards creative expression.

I grew up in Bangalore, and moved to the Bay Area. I figured Silicon Valley was a bastion of meritocracy and nerdy egalitarianism. Tech companies were meant not only to not be evil, but they were meant to stand up to the evil capitalist enemies of the people. They were meant to be like the young Facebook and Amazon and Google, they were definitely not supposed to be like the new Facebook, they were not meant to have become the very monsters they were meant to slay.

Everyone knows that with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

My indignation comes from the fact that I imagined our tech leaders as Spiderman and Superman, wielding their immense Power in protection of the meek and the weak, fighting for social justice and bettering the lot of everyone they could, not continuing to accumulate at the expense of the poor.

The problem of radical everything in the world today is caused by radical imbalance. Why did the social technology that was meant to unite us become the very foundation for unsocial and unstable society? Why did the technology founders let this happen? They were supposed to be Jedi, but gave in to their Dark Side. Lusting for the Ultimate Power, they became the Sith.

My indignation comes from knowing that technology can and eventually will be used to let all people access the natural abundance that already is, but that the very titans of technology who can do so much with their vast resources are continuing instead to find ways to extract more and more from their ever growing AI-powered Matrix they have us plugged into.

My indignation comes from seeing the smartest engineers and product people tirelessly and mindlessly engaged in ways to optimize more of this value extraction. What were the last truly Great Things that were produced by Silicon Valley?

My indignation comes from the fact that my adopted part of the world is getting a bad name because of this intense wave of greed-fueled mania that has afflicted large swaths of the populace. I love Silicon Valley, the birth place of the transistor and Macintosh and Google and Twitter and Netflix even Facebook, but most of it is not part of the solution today.

How did we go from funny dorm room antics to systematic looting of the digital economy? What is sadder still is that we are Facebook et al, each and every one of us who log in every day, each of the nearly 2.5B MAU that we add up to. And despite the many rumors of the death of Facebook & Co, they are for the most part just hopeful exaggerations of near hopeless and helpless souls.

If you’re not the solution, you’re part of the problem. Perhaps not the problem, but would anyone willingly be a problem? Like I said, the dark side is strong.

Shoptype was born from this indignation, of seeing no one solving this problem, no one feverishly writing code to fix this inequality. We created the virus, but take no responsibility for it, and no one wants to invest in a cure. We blame opioids and the pharma companies that created them, but don’t see the $6T mental illness problem we will have created by 2030. We have become so ingrained with the likes of Facebook, we have forgotten how and where to even look for a solution.

We seem to not even try, we have given up! Years have gone by, and we seem ever more incapable of fighting our dependence on what has also sapped our strength as individuals. We feed the social monsters more and more each quarter and each year, fattening their bellies and insatiable appetites that demand more and more. And yet we can’t stop ourselves, what is the alternative?

What can possibly be a solution to this juggernaut of our own creation? After all, we first need an alternative, modern commerce is addicted to the monsters of aggregation. Is there a solution even possible?

How can one address a creation born from Greed, followed by Pride, followed by Insecurity?

Sufficiently advanced technology, they say, is indistinguishable from magic.

Shoptype is the antidote to Facebook.

Without a single line of extra code, any business, small or large can essentially side step the likes of Facebook and Google, and create a Direct-to-Consumer business.

Shoptype is a new democratized marketplace platform for Commerce 2.0, and unlocks the promise of the open Internet.

Shoptype democratizes the Internet entirely, once again making it work for everyone, not just for the oligarchy.

Shoptype was born from Indignation, followed by Contemplation, followed by Insight.

Introducing Shoptype, the Marketplace Operating System from the Future.

The Future is for Everyone.

Coming 2/22.

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