CoVentureCap, and the Future of Social VC

The problem with the world is very simple. Simply stated, it is Unequal Equality.

We are all one, but parts of the whole feel more full than others.

This state of world affairs, driven by base economics, can easily fix itself. Seen in the light of economics and clarity, the problem statement can be restated: Unequal Access to Markets.

This corollary derives from the simple fact – we’re all equal, if given the opportunity. And opportunity is merely the option to make something of oneself.

Which, in the words of Paul Graham is, “make something people want”.

The Problem of Market Access

The problem of market access is one has to create the market.

“The market” means, a liquid marketplace where traders are selling their wares, and patrons are buying them and financing them. This is the definition of any business.

In other words, a market is simply a going business, or a liquid business, one that has a positive free cash flow.

So, what is the problem?

Markets are created by the demand side – Amit Rathore, AwakeVC

The problem of creating a liquid market is simple one of finding the buyers.

This corollary derives from the simple fact that markets are created by the demand side, and not the supply side.

Thus, we have now a reduced problem statement: where are the shoppers?


AwakeVC is a technology enabled private equity holding company.

It is built by engineers-turned-entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs-having-to-turn-into-engineers.

In other words, AwakeVC is a platform company.

Awake is an Interconnected Marketplace Cloud for Everyone!

Awake is building an ecosystem of interconnected marketplace platforms, on a single cloud, already populated by over 200 million shoppers.

These shoppers are global, entirely native to the Awake Cloud, and are seamlessly accessible across all digital channels – web, mobile, email, push, voice assistants, and via APIs.

1B shoppers by 2022.

Back to markets.

Shoppers, check.

Real-Time Omni-channel Digital Media Experience Platform, check.

AI, check.

Real-Time Commerce Operating System, check.

Strategy, check.

Talent, check.

Ah, and the other side of Access to Markets.

Access to Capital, check.

Pre-Seeding Marketplaces

Enter CoVentureCap.

In the vein of the recent trend towards coworking, coliving, and co-so-many-things, and in particular the whole movement towards the sharing economy, we present CoVC, or CoVentureCap.

Marketplaces buy from and sell to marketplaces


CoVentureCap, or CoVC for short, is a new approach to early stage venture development.

CoVC invests in marketplaces, and marketplace enablers.

We’re often the first money in.

We participate in rounds as small as $250K, and we can write checks as small as $100K.

And we can go any size. Wielding a private equity style, investment banking approach, there is no upper limit. We partner with companies from pre-revenue to post-IPO.

And CoVC is an ecosystem.

Our startups benefit from state-of-the-art media and commerce technology clouds.

While CoVC itself is the access to capital, we also provide access to The Market.

Main St. not Wall St.

While VC and PE types are often happy to stay out of the real world, and in their fancy towers, CoVC is different.

We came from Main St.

We ARE Main St.

Here to show Wall St, that the value CREATORS is where the um, value is.

So CoVC helps bootstraps large scale PE style transactions, using technology-driven disruptors. More on this in future posts as we make more announcements.

Awake brings Wall St. to Main St.

In the mean time, we bring the hundreds of millions of shoppers, or Main St., directly to our startups.

We’re manifesting media-driven community-powered hyperlocal marketplace platforms for the future of work, life, and play.

1-click global AI-powered marketplace launch.

1-click media, e-commerce, payments, analytics, AI, fintech.

1-click liquidity.

For Entrepreneurs

How will you monetize?

We’re looking for tech-minded marketplace-focused entrepreneurs from around the world. Reach out, and tell us what you’ve built, how you hacked the first few customers to pay you, and why you think CoVC is a fit. Reach out!

For Investors

What value do you provide? Join us in this new revolution of value co-creation. We will announce some of our early strategic partner funds soon. Want to get involved? Email us at

In the mean time, CoVentureCap is starting the pre-seed march as a syndicate on AngelCo, with our first few deals coming out shortly.

And stay tuned as we launch our new marketplace funds – for pre-seed, seed, and growth.

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