The Awake World View

The Awakening

AwakeVC was born from the recognition that the Universe is fundamentally a single, connected whole. There is nothing apart from this Oneness, for if it were, it would not exist within the realm of this universal reality.

In this recognition, there is no room for purely egoistic activity, and attention naturally turns towards servicing the whole. As it turns out, this is a massive business opportunity.

Decentralized Value Creation

There are always going to be corporate giants that corner markets that they then dominate and expand their mountain status into a mountain range.

Amazon is an example of this, a huge, centralized mountain range that has cornered several lucrative markets, and as a platform has significant advantages against any other corporate entity that wants to also become a mountain, and then a mountain range.

Awake believes that at any point in time, there are always a handful of mountain ranges in each major set of industries. These change over time, as corporates make moves and do their usual business at scale. Awake also believes that to take on these mountains in their own markets is an exercise that is mostly for minor gains as an aggregate whole, not to mention incredibly capital intensive and risky, and gets more so each day. So we do not even attempt.

Instead of mountains and mountain ranges, as mighty as each might be, Awake focuses on the rest of the planet. And in this new model of commerce, value will be created and shared directly by the nodes of the network – people and collectives – that create and exchange value with each other.

These platforms will be seamless, end-to-end applications of magical technology invisible to their users – our collective moms will never understand Bitcoin or blockchain, but will get into a ride-share driven by the nice man three streets away, or will grab take-away-lunches from the lady down the street. And of course, she’ll buy online, even if the fulfillment was from an apartment two continents away.

And in the long run, these platforms themselves will be owned by the very nodes that compose it.

People Power

There was two ways in which the coming future will affect the human psyche. We are entering a world where everything is automated, and robots and AI dominate our daily experience on pretty much all aspects of life.

The technologists ask: why bother with a fragile ego-centric human with a biological body when software and hardware can do the job better? This is true for a large majority of jobs today involving humans, and our experience will soon involve very few of them. The benefits of this future has been extolled plenty, so we will not go into it, nor do we disagree.

This future, however, will further diminish our social interactions and real world dealings. The human psyche craves connection, real connection, which is why even the fakeness of Facebook and all similar “social” platforms have ultimately not worked in the way of making us feel better and healthier, as individuals, or as a society.

So in this sleek but bleak future of the Jetsonsonion age, Awake see a phoenix like opportunity to create a different world. A world that actually prides itself in human artisanship and community. A world where each person is a powerhouse of potential, and is able to use that potential to not only earn a comfortable living for themselves and their families, but to create for others around them.

These new community platforms will be based on the age old formula – marketplaces and bazaars – and will be purposeful for specific aspects of daily life.

Powered by humans, locally, as well as globally.

This is new awakened world is a People-First world of decentralized value creation, and indeed, sustains itself by that very people-power.


Life is about living. Living is a flow. Accumulation is not life.

Awake embraces this spirit – and enables platforms that embody this spirit.

While business or money is important, in the end, it is only as important as what is done with it.

Awake is building platforms where everyone can live, work, and play – in manner that makes a single harmonious whole – and everyone can have fun.

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