Why AwakeVC

So why bother with all this? AwakeVC has what some see as grand, but what we see as very reasonable ambitions.

The world is information only, and opportunity is having information that others don’t have. This is the model that traditional venture is based on, and it is one that is fundamentally based on competition.

Our thesis is that there is a model based on cooperation and collaboration. What if there was no such thing as competition, only a bigger and better platform for the end consumer?

What applies to business, applies to the meta-business of venture capital itself.

Decentralized Angels++

AwakeVC believes that by changing how companies are created, guided, and spun out, early stage can be transformed. Typical asset class returns of early stage VC is quite terrible, and in fact, angel returns are worse, ask any angel, they’ll tell you it is an act of love. It is, of course, just very expensive love 🙂

We can do better.

The only way to predict the future (and be right) is to invent it.

AwakeVC is a platform to collaborate and co-create the very future companies that we-would-have-done-had-we-been-there. There is a new model of how innovation can be structured and value can be created in repeatable ways, that includes organizational meta-learning within itself, going faster and smarter each time around.

People Power

The AwakeVC Fellowship is the place where the magic happens. Essentially part advisor network and part idea marketplace, this group is a live, dynamic distributed mind powering it.

The AwakeVC Labs is where things are being tested out, and is almost a lab-as-a-service. Smart folks get to hone their specific skills, while we are able to try out the best ideas in a fail-fast way, in global markets, in in whatever configuration needed.

And coming soon is AwakeVC X, a blockchain-based exchange for private company shares within the ecosystem, so that liquidity is just over one year away.

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