What is AwakeVC?

VC is broken. Early stage is broken. Bold words, I know.

I’ve lived in Silicon Valley since 2008, and while I can’t claim to have seen it all, I’ve seen a good bunch of things. I won’t go into all the ills of the VC industry here, or its consequent inefficiencies. However, I know there is a way to do better. Particularly in early stage.

And why early stage? That’s where the most fun is!

Venture Capital to Value Creation

Traditional VC is by definition a centralized structure. Each VC node, rightly so, collects the smartest individuals they can, with the most experience building value, and tries to identify the best deals from all the deals they can get to see.

Like with Amazon, over time this creates a powerful network effect. I’ve spent many years of my career helping companies compete with Amazon – indeed several of my own investments have been in this broad space. However, you can’t take Amazon on directly, so either you have a very specific niche/vertical, or you have a thoroughly decentralized approach.

Decentralized Innovation in a New World

AwakeVC is a few things. It is a decentralized value creation platform. It is a recognition that two heads are better than one, a collective is greater than the sum of its parts. So AwakeVC is a collection of diverse, smart, caring individuals who believe the world can be better. We are a collection of conscious people who think of the whole and not only individual elements of society. We recognize the world has swung too far in the direction of reckless capitalism, and that there is a better way.

In this rebalancing of economic power and social inequality, there is a huge opportunity, one that can unleash huge potential of productivity and prosperity, across all strata of society. This new world is more balanced, more equal, and of course, more digitally seamless. This world needs new connective platforms that fulfill existing and new needs, across work, life, and play.

AwakeVC is a loose federation of experienced entrepreneurial folks that are enabling new things to come together, take shape, and fly. AwakeVC is a nexus of individual investors, angels, institutional and corporate venture arms, academic institutions, researchers, faculty, and students, advisors and operators, and of course, founders.

In a decentralized world, new value creation processes need new models. AwakeVC is a global super-structure to create new global companies, built from global talent, spread across global locations, serving global markets.

Failing Faster and Faster

Awake is creating a global R&D lab that speeds up the idea->experiment->mvp/product-market-fit cycle time – and by making it faster and faster, more early stage experiments can be tried.

Not in a spray-and-pray type of manner employed by many accerlators, but by a carefully curated process driven by an idea marketplace, and then rapidly executed within a clear canon of learned structure.

AwakeVC Programs

AwakeVC has a few programs in the wings, the first is Init. If you’re a first time founder, you may want to consider it. Apply here.

AwakeVC Fellowship

The Fellowship is all the folks that are part of this loose federation of trust and innovation. Engineers, marketers, product managers, social media strategists, PR, finance, execs, recruiters, investors, and every one in between.

These folks help make the magic happen. Want to join the AwakeVC Fellowship? Apply here.

AwakeVC Labs

There’s always something bubbling away at AwakeVC. The Labs program is a bunch of folks that aren’t quite sure about something yet, but want to try it out and see. Apply here if you’re interested, it is perfect for first time or young entrepreneurs that aren’t quite ready yet!

We’ve got several very interesting ideas that may picque your imagination.

Plenty More

There’s a lot more to say, of course. This is just the beginning of a new way of value creation. A journey is about learning and the creation that results along the way.

This awakening is off to an amazing start. Join us now!

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