When the world has been modeled as a set of Protocols within a network-of-networks (Network) it is easy to create new business models that arise from being able to deal with a single network as opposed to a set of fragmented Internet platforms.

This single meta network (MetaWeb) makes it possible to track complete data about all relevant business activities, regardless of which platform it takes place on.

Internet 3.0

We have discussed Web3 and related ideas, and of the many Layer 8 applications made possible by the MetaWeb Protocol, retail is amongst the most obvious.

With SaleRank it is possible to know exactly how a sale happened on the Internet. The level of granularity is important because with multi-touch attribution one would know exactly who the individuals were who helped drive any particular sale across the social media universe.


In particular this has an impact on the lives of creators and influencers, the unsung heroes of the Internet. Anyone that creates HTTP content on the Internet should benefit if that content drove a sale or made profit for someone else or for another platform.

With Awake Internet Protocols, this is a fundamental property of the very fabric of retail, that all participants engaged in driving a sale across multiple touch-points get compensated in a model that can only be described as actual social commerce.


And for influencers that already are trying to monetize their presence and content on the Internet, particular across the likes of TikTok and Instagram, the prospect of being able to natively monetize any digital content they create across all of social media using DTC and e-commerce is an enticing one.

Suddenly, influencer-led commerce becomes influencer-led brands, and influencers can recruit huge armies of followers to not just buy their products and services, but can also recruit followers to drive sales on their behalf. A regenerative economy can be stimulated to take hold.


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